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Simple and Effective WhatsApp Campaigns?

The perfect complement to your commercial strategy that allows you to connect with one of the largest networks in the world and create proactive and effective messaging campaigns.

Get closer to your customers around the world with our tools.

Communicate what is really important for each client and each segment!

Special offers

Stock of products

Performance status

Security alerts


Sending access codes

Special offers

Spread your promotions and increase your sales by sending the most outstanding offers.

Performance Status

Your customers need information, and this is the mean and the most practical way to approach them.

Security Alerts

Issues? Solutions at your fingertips, on your customer’s screen.


Attending more and better is possible through WhatsApp with Pure Social.

Sending access codes

on the same platform, leaving aside old media, we say goodbye to SMS.

And so many more…

Create campaigns

One-time or recurrent

Multiply sales opportunities with ads on your website and proactive notifications by WhatsApp.

Send specific messages to your database or automate recurrent notifications based on your objectives, such as purchase confirmations, follow-ups, requests for information and any relevant notification.

Now it’s simple to send

messages proactively

Pure Social allows you to set up campaigns, design message templates, evaluate the quality of your WhatsApp lines and find out how many messages you can send per day.
All in one platform!

Measure and reinforce

your campaigns constantly

Thanks to detailed analytics, you can measure the performance of all your campaigns. Identify what works, what doesn’t, optimize your strategy and don’t stop growing!

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